How to Use the Multiplication Chart to multiply large numbers

If you're multiplication skills need a little brushing up, or if you're looking for a way to multiply large numbers quickly and easily, then you need to use the multiplication chart. The multiplication chart is a powerful tool that can help you multiply any two numbers together in no time at all. In this blog post, we will show you how to use the multiplication chart to your advantage!

Is it difficult to learn the multiplication chart?

Not at all! The multiplication chart is essentially just a grid of all the possible multiplication combinations from 1 to 12. Simply find the row and column that contains the numbers you want to multiply, and the answer will be where they intersect on the chart.

So how can we use this chart effectively in real life situations? Let's take a look at an example: say we want to quickly calculate the product of 8 times 9. We would locate 8 on the left side of the chart as our row, and 9 on the top as our column. Then, we simply need to find where these two meet on the multiplication chart: 8 times 9 equals 72. Easy, right?

Some numbers may not be so easy to locate on the multiplication chart, such as larger numbers like 14 or 15. In this case, you can use the multiplication chart to break down these numbers into smaller factors that are easier to locate on the chart. For example, if we want to multiply 14 times 15, we can break these numbers down into (10 x 15) + (4 x 15). Now we can easily find the products of these smaller factors on the multiplication chart and add them together for our final answer: 10 times 15 equals 150 and 4 times 15 equals 60. Therefore, our final answer is 210: (10 x 15) + (4 x 15) = 150 + 60 = 210.




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